It All Begins with You.

As parents, we want what’s best for our children. Even when we are punishing our children, we truly believe it is for the benefit of our children. To teach them some important things. For our children to become better at something. To have a better future. Etc etc.

At Parenting With Delight, our mission is to support parents like you with education, resources and coaching to parent in a new way without needing to use punishment or to exert control over your child, but rather to create joyful and deep emotional connections with your child that are built on a foundation of shared values.

You will learn to appreciate what most parents are not willing to even consider: i.e. doing the important inner work on yourself instead of putting the focus on your child to change.

Not only will you enjoy your relationship with your child even more, but you will also love yourself more.  Your partner and your loved ones will also see and appreciate the changes in you.

We believe in being

Peaceful & Gentle


My Parenting Coach Bio

My Parenting Coach Bio

Hello Dear Ones, I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Chinese New Year (aka the Spring Festival) is just around the corner, and I take this opportunity to wish all of you who celebrate a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! It's a delightful thing to see...

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No Multi-tasking When You’re with Your Child

No Multi-tasking When You’re with Your Child

Nowadays, many of us run a busy and full life. Multi-tasking has become a way of life, a way of doing things, a way we work. However, if you want to have some peace and calm for yourself, not to mention spending quality time with your child or your partner, you might...

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3 Things to help you Become a Better Parent

3 Things to help you Become a Better Parent

A conscious parent doesn’t look outside the parenting relationship for answers, but is confident the answers can be found for both parent and the child within the parent-child dynamic. For this reason, conscious parenting is learned through the actual experience of...

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Deep connection for the child to

Feel Safe & Joyful

Our Core Focus

We love all cultures and embrace people of all backgrounds. Parenting is universal, and we integrate the latest scientific and effective parenting philosophies into our programs, products & services, which are essentially based on brain science, communication, and empathy.

You can experience almost immediate transformational shifts in your parenting when you get clear on your own empowering beliefs that truly support your best parenting.

Scientific studies have shown that over 90% of our behaviors are influenced by our subconscious mind. In our parenting coaching program, instead of trying to change your child’s behaviors, we actually focus on uncovering why you get triggered by your child’s behaviors and helping you release your unconscious belief patterns from your own life and parenting experience.

Our Belief

Parenting is tough, yet it is a common role many of us naturally take on as we progress in life. If we learn to accept our own limitations and focus on getting the fundamental essence right, we believe parenting can be more joyful, meaningful, fulfilling and fun. Parenting methods, techniques, tips, knowledge, etc. are plentiful and ever-growing just as there are lots of issues faced by parents. Before we get into all the various parenting tips and techniques, we must approach all our parenting issues with the following 3 key foundational concepts in place, otherwise all that we do will not be as effective.

Our Approach

As a parent, we must take good care of ourselves first before we can give quality care for our child. Self-care is essential for our physical, mental and emotional well-being, which will be required (trust me!) when we’re dealing with parenting issues. The way we handle our own emotions will also set an important example for our child to learn to manage himself/herself.

Always remember to connect emotionally with your child. A deep connection and a close relationship with your child can make a big difference in whether you’ll find parenting joyful or exhausting. Your child will be more cooperative and understanding of you, especially in stressful situations.

Coach instead of trying to control your child. Even 1-year-old infants do not like to be forced to do something, and will usually not cooperate. At times, it is necessary to teach discipline and set boundaries with your child, however it’s important to do so with patience, respect, loving kindness and empathy, and your child will be much more likely to listen to you.

Key Benefits

of Peaceful Parenting

You and your child are more able to easily move through conflicts within the home. Your family life will be more joyful and meaningful.

You’ll nurture a deep connection with your child that allows your child to feel safe to communicate with you through any situation. This close, loving relationship will continue for the rest of your life.

You deserve to be the parent you want to be! Reach out to us anytime you need our support.

You’ll raise ethical, emotionally intelligent kids who are happy, considerate, self-disciplined, competent, responsible, likable, well-adjusted, and more cooperative — without ever having to use any kind of punishments, consequences, and time outs!

You’ll be happier, more peaceful, and more relaxed.

Do you want your kids to grow up being

happy, considerate, responsible & competent?

What We Do

We help parents embrace their own vulnerabilities in parenting and connect emotionally with their child so they can enjoy a delightful family life.

Not only will you see positive changes in your child, you will also love yourself more.


We’re very serious in protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. We understand that parenting issues are very private matters that most of us do not want to openly discuss. Your privacy is 100% protected with full integrity, respect, and professionalism.

It’s 100% safe to confide in us. Integrity & Respect always come first in our service.

Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.

– Colossians 3:21

Stronger, Sweeter Bond

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