Hello and Welcome to Parenting With Delight! My name is Jermain Yew, and I’m very pleased that we can connect here.

I’m the founder of Parenting With Delight, and I’m a dad of two young children embracing my fourth decade.  I created PWD (Parenting With Delight) to share resources and tools with parents so that we can all raise healthy and happy kids.

Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world, yet it is often not given much thought about and most of us are doing it without much support or help. Fortunately, effective parenting methods can be learned for those who are willing.

Parenting touches on many areas, including but not limited to scientific methods, psychology, philosophy, nutrition, brain science, behavioral studies, etc.  In Parenting With Delight, we mainly focus on clearing our own emotional baggage from our own upbringing and life experiences, so that we can have a deep emotional connection with our child(ren) and enjoy our family life better.

Parenting is truly a life-long journey of learning, personal development and self reflection.  The information and resources on this website might evolve with time and needs, however our mission remains firm, which is to empower gentle parents and families to bring out the best in the children and the parents.

Feel free to browse around the Parenting With Delight website, and let me know if you have any comment or would simply want to say hello 🙂  I’m honored and delighted to have you with us on this journey of peaceful parenting together.

Yours Sincerely,

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