I believe that all parents can have joyful relationship and deep connection with their child. And I believe the best way to have that is for parents to be willing to look first within themselves to create possibilities from the inside out instead of simply wanting their child to change.

I see so many parents emotionally disconnected from their children. I feel for them. And I feel for their children. Parents lying awake at night because they simply don’t know what to do with their child. Parents tired and overwhelmed because they have just screamed their heads off, locked their child in his/her room, or tried absolutely everything that they can think of. Now, they have no way to even reach their child because they are so disconnected.

So many parents are struggling right now. Some of them appear to have a beautiful family, however only the parents themselves feel the inner pain because their child is simply silent, not sharing what’s really going on inside. My heart aches for all these dads and moms out there not even knowing yet that there is a deeper language of connection that will allow their child to share what’s really going on.

I believe most parents love their child and want the best for their child. It’s sad to see both the parents and the children struggling and suffering because they don’t know how to do something differently. When facing a problem with their child, most parents usually either use their authority as a parent to overpower their child to conform to what they think is right and good for their child, or some parents choose to throw money at the problem thinking that money can buy the help they need to solve the problem with their child. They are simply just doing everything but actually connecting with their child. Their child is actually in pain and feeling helpless, and is longing for their support and love to connect on a deeper level.

Then there are the parents who are unwilling to change their ways, thinking that fixing the problem on the child’s side is the main issue. Most of them actually don’t realize that the opposite is true. Most of us carry our own past emotional baggage into our parenting without us knowing consciously, and almost all parenting issues can improve significantly if the parents are willing to look within themselves and do the inner work to begin the process of healing with their child.

Parents must realize and believe that they are the ones who hold the key to solving the problems with their child. They have the power to create possibilities from the inside out and create the home life and the relationship they desire with their child. There are many things money can buy, however in the matters of parenting, the parents have to personally do it one step at a time. Real deep connection with the child is possible when the parent is willing to take it upon himself/herself to start the healing process from within.

Children are the future leaders and generations of our world. Children are our future. How our future turns out to be lies in the hands of all the parents today. We’d better believe it!

Parents unite and make this world and our future a damn good one!